The company has a perfect production equipment and testing instruments,With years of production microelectronic chemicals——Negative photoresist and ultraviolet uv is、Negative photoresist form a complete set of reagents、Ultra-clean high-purity reagents、General chemical reagent series, and other special electronic chemicals5000Tons of ability。2002Year by the BritishBSI ISO9001:2000International quality system certification。2004Years passedISO14001Environmental management system certification andOHSAS18001Occupational safety and health management system certification。
  Company uphold“Pursuit of perfection,Do customers trusted partner”The management idea and“With high quality products,Excellent service to win customers trust;To continue to effectively improve the quality management system to meet customer requirements”The quality policy,To develop advanced technology and production performance of microelectronic chemicals as own duty,Committed to the development of microelectronic chemicals manufacturing industry, with all my heart,Continuously meet the needs of the microelectronics industry rapid development。
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Jiangyin Jiang Hua microelectronic material co., LTD,Wuxi technology leader、National high and new technology enterprise,Specializing in the production of suitable for semiconductor(TR、IC)、Crystalline silicon solar energy(solar PV)、FPDFlat panel display(TFT-LCD、CF、TP、OLED、PDPAnd so on)As wellLED、Silicon wafers、Lithium battery、Light magnetic technology, the special wet electronic chemicals in the process of manufacturing——Ultra-clean high-purity reagents、A professional manufacturer of photoresist form a complete set of reagents,Domestic production scale、The variety is complete、Form a complete set of perfect wet electronic chemicals professional service providers。Annual output8Ten thousand tons of ultra high purity wet scale electronic chemicals production base has reached the international level,The main production equipment and testing instruments were introduced from foreign countries,The quality of the products reached the international advanced level。"Jiang Hua"Brand has been as the domestic numerous well-known semiconductor、Crystalline silicon solar energy、Large size LCD manufacturers preferred supplier,Products are exported to overseas。The company2002Years passedISO9001International quality system certification;2004To go throughISO14001Environmental management system certificationOHSAS18001Occupational safety and health management system certification。
  Company uphold"Pursuit of perfection,Do customers rely on partner"The management idea and"Scientific management、The first-class quality、The pursuit of excellence、Satisfy the customer"The quality policy,To develop advanced technology and production performance of microelectronic chemicals as own duty,The whole heart is committed to microelectronics、Photoelectron dedicated wet electronic chemicals manufacturing,Continuously meet the needs of electronics industry rapid development……
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Photoresist kit reagent series
Acid and alkali
The etching liquid
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