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Gold everearth light steel villaKim mei-ting light steel villa
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01Prefabricated housing construction and integration of whole house readyHouses are built and whole houses are put together

Everearth with gold23000Square meters of large-scale production base,Neither prefabricated light steel villa material,Or integrated whole house ready materials,All their production,From the building houses a screw a tile to interior decoration

02Material unique and sophisticated The quality is unparalleledThe quality of the materials is unique and profound

Gold everearth in light steel villa timber,Slam the door industry practices used galvanized keel,Heat with stronger corrosion resistance of zinc aluminum keel(Is common galvanized keel4-6Times),House longer service life

03The price is lower,The construction period is shorter,Higher profitsLow price, short duration and high profit

Gold everearth introduce New Zealand light steel production line,To use3DPrinting technology,Automated production,International quality,Manufacturers supply directly,The price is lower than the market price20%,To ensure that the partners have enough profit space

04Professional team Show certificates The process specification From worriesProfessional team certified work process specification

Gold everearth has a number of 1st class registered structural engineering and technical personnel,Provide you with high quality design,Long-term cooperation with design institute to provide professional design light steel structure、The plan approval service。A strong design team

05Without a league,Sharing the production factory,Zero inventory managementShare production plant without franchise fee

Focus on production,Decentralized management,Don't accept its league、Margin。Gold everearth provide zero inventory order custom pattern,Let partners have no inventory backlog of products,Fully, reduce the risk of entrepreneurship,Main market promotion

06Full support,A full range of output,On-site training teamFull support, door-to-door training team

From the door model design、The project budget、Material check、Housing construction to the ready room,Gold everearth to provide comprehensive planning and guidance,Provide free promotional material support、Design support、Advertising support、Construction personnel

Case centerCase center“Like to build cars built house”“Like building a house like the building blocks”Built by industrialized production,To keep improving idea to service
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