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Linyi oceanpower environmental protection technology co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of big fan of the small and medium-sized industrial fan manufacturers,At the same time is also a famous shandong fan manufacturer,My company is located in linyi hedong industrial park,Adjacent to the beijing-shanghai high-speed,North of ridong expressway.its.location rail and glue the new railway interchange,From the linyi airport7Kilometers,The environment is exquisite,The transportation is convenient。

My company has a large number of skilled senior technician,High precision equipment,In the production of large and medium-sized fan blanking、Mechanical processing、To shape。Welding machine test a set of complete set of production and detection means,"Xin hui"The brand is famous trademark in shandong province,Company main products are:Centrifugal fan、Induced draft fan for boiler、Dust removal fan、Cupola dedicated fan、Take the fan、Chemical dedicated fan、Axial flow fan、High temperature anti-corrosion fan、Dust collector、Roots blower、Axial flow fan, etc500Multiple specifications fan products, etc,For the coal mine for many years、Electric power、The oil、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Textiles、Building materials industry offers a wide range of technologies and equipment,And exported to more than 20 countries and regions。

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