Yixing jing xu steel bar machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful scenery of the taihu lake——Yixing yixing,Located in the river、Zhejiang、Anhui provinces border,Huning、Hangzhou、Appropriate highway in this intersection,The traffic is very convenient。
  The company imported large CNC hydraulic bending machine and a full set of production lamp posts、High stalk、The pole、Power lever、Traffic signal pole、Lamps and lanterns,Fully in accordance with the product9001:2000International quality management system certification standard production,Reach the advanced level of the industry。
  The company has sophisticated production equipment,Strong technical force,Scientific strict management and quality assurance system,Perfect after-sales service... ...
The ground The address:The town of yixing mangoku xiyi highway on the west side
The electricity Words:0510-87845586
Pass The true:0510-87846567
Contacts:Wang Yinquan
Net The address:www.maikeshengwu.cn
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