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  1. A key installation Simple and easy to use

    A key to the real quick start making old wild peachUDisk,Under all operating just click the mouse,Simple operation is extremely convenient。
  2. Write protect Refused to virus

    UThe plate is one of the main ways of the spread of the virus,The old wild peach startup disk USES the write protect technology,Completely cut off the spread of the virus。
  3. A dish of dual-use Easy to carry

    When at ordinary timesUDisk,Is the system repair disc when necessary,No optical drive,Easy to carry。The most powerful assistant computer emergency。
  4. Free replacement system Convenient and quick

    Homemade boot disk, and cd-rom unable to update the system,The old wild peach boot disk users can free replacement system,SupportGHOSTAnd the original system installation。

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