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The patent certificate of honor

Simple shower room industry average annual growth10%The above,3000More than huge consumer market。

China industry with annual sales of shower room is nearly billions of scale,As China's second largest market shower room。

China's rapid economic development lead to the development of real estate rapidly,The market will be bigger and bigger。

Shower room is in the countrysideMarket potential is tremendous,The urbanization constructionThe scale will make a batchThe new building materials upstarts。

Every year thousands of sets of more affordable housing constructionWill refresh the shower room market growth,Form a new market。

The low threshold、Less investment returns

Step shower room
Step that defend bath

Foshan joy sanitary ware co., LTD(Headquarters)The main production of sanitary ware,Including the bathroom cabinet、The toilet and so on,Is a collection of product research and development、Production、Sales、Service in the integration of professional manufacturers shower room,Shower room production base is located in zhongshan port(Division),Hereinafter referred to as the step that defend bath,From the company's core team2005In the field of shower room,In product development、Quality control、Marketing、Market services、Key links such as bath culture has a profound theoretical basis and practical experience,In order to further promote the development of human beings shower life,In order to let consumers enjoy a higher quality and simple shower room products.......The details

Zhongshan joy sanitary ware co., LTD(Shower room manufacturing base)(Division)

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Step dealers nationwide recruitment in the shower room,Investment promotion team to by the company,Support on the road,Hurry to sign up!

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Step shower room

Shower room industry news

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Shower room industry news

Let a shower is more comfortable Step change the way people shower shower room

Shower is a ordinary things again,The Times,Showers will become a kind of enjoyment,Is a large of development of human civilization,Along with the bath bubble bath、Take a shower,The shower function as living standards improve gradually changing,In addition to simple bath function,Also can bring people comfortable experience,Although the bathtub comfortable bubble bath,But for

Shower room can't wash clean?Try this6Kind of way

The glass door in separating the wet area inside the bathroom,Is a common practice。However,The glass of shower room is easily infected with stain and scale is also a headache thing。Wiped gently remove the obstinate stains,The right way, and easily scratched glass。So how to easily remove scale without glass?Obstinate stains:★★★★★Water+Vinegar+Salt if your glass shower room