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Jiangyin city tower south flow meter co., LTD., founded in 1983,Is a professional manufacturer of flow measuring throttle device company,Products sold throughout the country,And to undertake the national key projects supporting task,At the same time also are exported to Asia、Non, etc。

Our company produces the throttling device:The standard orifice plate,ISA1932Nozzle,Long neck nozzle and venturi tube and so on dozens of varieties。The technical conditions meet the national standard of the People's Republic of ChinaGB/T2624And the international standardISO5167The provisions of the。My company in addition to the production of the above standard throttle device,Also produces the current domestic commonly used various special flow,Such as1/4Round nozzle、Segmental orifice、Circular orifice、Double orifice、Hidden within the orifice plate、VCone flowmeter、Wedge flowmeter、Balance the flow meter、Gather flowmeter、Plug throat flow meter、Pig flowmeter、Double venturi tube The wind device、The wing wind device, etc30A variety of species,1000A variety of specifications。Pipe diameterDN10-3000mm,PressurePN0.6-32MPa,The temperature-200℃~+600℃...... >>

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