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        Siebel you flour village in Inner Mongolia linhe by Mr Gu Guolong in1988Was created。Passing by29Years of careful management and continuously developing,Has now set up Beijing siebel catering management co., LTD,Siebel you flour village headquarters in Beijing fengtai district,Its development“Siebel you flour village”“Siebel seafood”Such as nine hot brand。Siebel existing stores200Several division in Beijing、Shanghai、Shenzhen and other cities。Original siebel you flour village、Delicious、Northwest of authentic cuisine mainly includes the siebel you flour series、Inner Mongolia grassland barbecue series、Grain and rural green vegetable dishes。29Over the years,Siebel you flour in the village of chefs mountains,Through the desert steppe of siebel looking for excellent northwest natural ingredients,Mining、Folk traditional cooking technology innovation,Trying to find just to make the customer to eat authentic northwest countryside。

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    • Mutton soup you flour fish fish

      Mutton soup you flour fish fish

      You flour fish fish collocation fresh potatoes,The rolling in grassland sheep now boil mutton soup,No shan wei stay fresh。

    • Roast lamb chops

      Roast lamb chops

      The prairie lamb,Outside the coke in tender,Crispy flesh sweet。Siebel for your selected from xilingol grassland WuZhu MuQin6—8Months of the lamb。

    • Small pot of beef

      Small pot of beef

      We are like now,Selected cattle belly meat and beef tendon with a carrot、Potatoes,Be careful of stew。

    • Burning sheep

      Burning sheep

      Inner Mongolia's xilingol Prairie lamb after crus bone,,Cooking sauce flavor after burning,Outside the coke in tender,A person a gnawing,Hits the spot!

    • Bovine bone

      Bovine bone

      Natural grazing on the well-kown horqin grassland2Years of red bull,In the local herdsmen's tradition,Small fire simmer3An hour or so,Soft rot。

    • Homemade yogurt

      Homemade yogurt

      Use Inner Mongolia fresh pure milk,Natural fermentation,Without adding spices。Mouthfeel is thick,Plain、Strawberries、Blueberry three flavors appetizers xiaoshi,Wanting more。

    • Elaeagnus angustifolia corn steamed corn-bread

      Elaeagnus angustifolia corn steamed corn-bread

      Northwest dry raise the most sweet sweet jujube,Don't add fertilizer land to raise the most healthy food,Jujube sweet and cornmeal XiangDou particularly strong。

    • Coarse grain basket

      Coarse grain basket

      By baking jujube steamed buns、's series、Millet grain combination of plain steamed sponge cake etc,Choose a richer。

    • Fried cabbage fans

      Fried cabbage fans

      Siebel choose fresh cabbage,Saute the collocation fans fires,Pan xiang is dye-in-the-wood,The cabbage crispy,Fans don't gooey with root trenchant root,Golden rice mate。

    • Siebel chicken big basin

      Siebel chicken big basin

      The chicken、Pork chops、Tofu and horn pepper、Cooked in Onions and other auxiliary materials together,Make the fragrance of all kinds of raw materials so as to fully mix in the cooking process。

    Siebel people's ideal,Is your life energy to do meal,Continuously improve,Let more and more people eat to the northwest countryside delicious natural tunnel。
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    Japan's surface village northwest&Five big advantage


    Industry&The news


    Blank market opportunities?How you flour to join
    Blank market opportunities?How you flour to join

    Blank market opportunities?How you flour to join。You flour industry leader,Siebel you flour village with the popular sentiment in the market,Brought infinite business opportunities for investors。...

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    • Is expected2019One of the most popular business,Siebel
      2019-03-13Is expected2019One of the most popular business,Siebel

      Pasta restaurant market,Broad prospects,People also to the requirement of eating is not just to eat,To eat well,Tired of eating rice,How about nutrition and nourishing the stomach you flour。...

    • What industry is hot?How are you flour pasta
      2019-03-08What industry is hot?How are you flour pasta

      Snack food,Has a broad mass base,What industry is hot?How are you flour pasta,You flour joined natural diet also is very hot,To open a noodle shop would be a good investment

    • How do pasta business
      2019-03-06How do pasta business

      It's not that good looking for good project,But once the right to join the project,Wealth is hot,How do pasta business?Select catering to join project need to be careful。...

    • Siebel you flour village,His achievement is not the same
      2019-03-13Siebel you flour village,His achievement is not the same

      About the training,I'm looking forward to,Because there is no real contact with has been in the shop,In this period of time at the university of siebel,Have a mentor、The teacher's help,Very rare,So I cherish。...

    • You eat Fried rice with egg,My heart only
      2019-03-11You eat Fried rice with egg,My heart only

      It is Friday afternoon rush hour,A woman said the real southern accent,The menu to tight frown。The woman pointed to the menu Fried sauerkraut you flour to face me:You only Fried noodles

    • The customer give me moved and pride
      2019-03-08The customer give me moved and pride

      A few days ago I went to the bank saving,I take as usual after the number,Sitting position waiting。At this time,Suddenly there was a aunt to say hello to me,I'm a little surprised:The aunt is who ah?I don't recognize

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