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Shandong dezhou pingyuan county king temple town
Private economic zone

We warmly welcome customers from all over the world、Domestic trade partners and customers negotiation and cooperation with my company,The international Labour protection glove market together!

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Texas gloves

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Good elasticity,Very flexible,To protect your hands,Safe non-toxic,Environmental protection,Moistureproof mildew,Wear resistant washable…

Super flexibility、The touch of good sex; Anti-static,Permeability is good,Can be washed…

Excellent softness、Flexibility,PVCCoating processing technology,To improve the wear resistance,Prevent slippery、Wear-resisting…

Physical performance is good,Good resistance to tear、Puncture resistance、Friction resistance,Excellent chemical resistance…

The unique fingertips texture design,Greatly enhance the grip strength,Effectively prevent slippage;No palmprint patent design…

Have excellent anti-wear、Cutting resistance、Resistance to poke protection,Wear comfortable,Easy to clean,Safety and health…

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About us

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  Texas gloves manufacturing co., LTD is a professional research and development、Production、Sales of labor protection gloves well-known enterprise,Is located in the shandong pingyuan county king temple town private economic zone,My company have factory in jinan,Railway、Highways crisscross,Only to the jinan airport5Kilometers,The traffic、The transportation is very convenient。
  The company was founded in2006Years,The total area50Mu,Total assets 2000Ten thousand yuan,Employees150More than one。